Zoom @ SLCC

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Zoom is one of the video conferencing systems provided by SLCC. As Staff and Faculty, you have access to schedule/host Zoom for meetings or classes. Students will be provided a basic Zoom license to be able to attend courses.


Zoom Training Video (9/22/2020)



You can log into Zoom directly via the following URL: https://slcc-edu.zoom.us

or  on the Zoom.us by selected SSO login and then typing in the domain: SLCC-EDU when asked.

When prompted, login with your Microsoft 365 / Azure credentials

Once logged into Zoom online, go to My Profile. You should see the information showing your SLCC email account and the Linked account icons as in the image below.


*IMPORTANT: IF you created a personal Zoom account using your college email before this implementation, you will need to do one of the following:



We have seen some issues with these duplicate accounts, if needed, open a ticket with the Technical Support Help Desk to get them addressed via http://Support.SLCC.EDU



Zoom is also integrated in Canvas. Instructors will need to enable the integration for each of the classes they want to leverage the service. Follow the below steps to enable Zoom in Canvas.

Changing Primary Email in Canvas

First, our Zoom integration leverages your normal network login (SLCC Microsoft 365 / Azure identity). However, by default, Canvas presents your Bruinmail email address to Zoom, and will give you an error (The instructor's email (username@bruinmail.slcc.edu) is invalid (2216).

Zoom Instructor Error (bruimmail account)

To correct the above error you will first need to set your @slcc.edu email as your primary email in Canvas.

  1. To accomplish this, you FIRST have to login to the below link to create your account (https://slcc-edu.zoom.us)
  2. Login to Canvas.
  3. Go to your Profile
  5. You will need to verify the new email address before it will allow you to set it as the default in Canvas with a star. (See image below)

Enabling Zoom in Canvas Navigation

Once this has been completed, Instructors need to enable Zoom in the Course navigation (COURSE>SETTINGS>NAVIGATION>DRAG “ZOOM” TO TOP SECTION)

Canvas navigation update

NOTE! After setting up the Zoom integration within CANVAS, make sure that you sign out of your CANVAS account, close the browser and then open the browser and log back into your CANVAS account.



Over the coming weeks we will add some additional custom training materials as it pertains to SLCC. However, Zoom has several good resources online:

General Zoom Usage

Canvas Integration

We are just now implementing this integration and will provide additional information for SLCC specific needs in the coming days, however here are some online resources you can use in the interim: