Import Scheduled Zoom Meeting into Canvas

You can easily schedule Zoom meetings inside a Canvas course through the Zoom LTI module, but what if you already scheduled the meeting outside of Canvas, or want to provide a link for your students to join a Zoom meeting scheduled by someone else? The process is very simple!


Step 1: Retrieve the Meeting ID for the Zoom Meeting to Import


You can locate the Meeting ID from the Meetings tab on the SLCC Zoom website:


Image of the Meeting ID screen


Or from the Zoom Desktop application under the Meetings tab


Image of the Meeting ID screen in the app


If the Meeting was scheduled by someone else, please retrieve that ID either from them or the email invitation.



Step 2: Navigate to the Zoom LTI module inside Canvas for your course


Sign into your SLCC Canvas account ( and open the course you want to import the Zoom Meeting to. Then, click on the Zoom module on the left. If you do not see the Zoom module listed, you will need to enable it under the Settings tab -> Navigation tab for each course you want to add Zoom to.


Image of the courses option in the Canvas account


In the upper-right corner of the Zoom module, there should be an icon with three dots in a vertical line. Click this icon to see more options, including the option to “Import Meeting”. You will then need to enter the Meeting ID and click Import.


Image of the Import Meeting option screen



Step 3: Meeting Should be Imported to Zoom in Canvas

The Meeting should now appear in the list of upcoming meetings for you and your students. If you are the host of the meeting, you will see the option to Start meeting here. Otherwise, you will see a Join option.


Image of the Start Meeting option screen.




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