Zoom Account Creation - SLCC Staff/Faculty

Current SLCC staff and faculty members are encouraged to create a fully licensed Zoom account on the SLCC domain, allowing the user access to many additional features, such as unlimited meeting duration, cloud recording storage, customizable Zoom profile and settings, the ability to join Zoom meetings that require an authenticated Zoom account, and much more!



Step 1: First-time Account Setup


Navigate to https://slcc-edu.zoom.us and click “Sign In”.


Image of the Zoom sign in page


Sign in with your username@slcc.edu and your current SLCC account password.


Image of the Zoom sign in page for SLCC


You may be required to approve the log using the Microsoft Authenticator account.


Image of authentication


For additional information on the Microsoft Authentication account, following this link.


Microsoft Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


You should now be successfully logged into your SLCC Zoom account on your Profile tab.



Step 2: Sign into the Zoom Desktop app


When connecting to a Zoom meeting for the first time, you should see a notification prompting you to download and install the Zoom Desktop application.  Click on the option to Download Now.


Image of the Zoom application launch page


If this link fails to load, you can use this link to manually download the app.


Download Zoom Client for Meetings


NOTE! Do not use this link to download any plugins for Zoom.  Plugins are managed by the SLCC Office of Information Technology department.  Please contact them for support.


After installing the Zoom Desktop application, please open the app. Next, you will sign into the app using SSO (Single Sign-On). DO NOT attempt to sign in using your SLCC email and password.


Image of the Zoom join meeting page


Image of the Zoom credentials page for single sign on option


When asked for the company domain, enter “slcc-edu”


Image of the Single Sign On domain screen


NOTE! You may be required to sign in to your SLCC Microsoft account again using your SLCC username and password



Step 3: Confirm your Account as an Authorized Member of SLCC Zoom


Once signed into the Zoom Desktop app, click on the profile icon in the upper-right corner to display some basic account information, including your Name, Associated Email, and Account Type (should say “LICENSED”)


Image of the licensing side bar screen 


If you see your SLCC email (first.last@slcc.edu) listed under your name, then you have successfully signed into your fully licensed SLCC Zoom account and should be able to join all SLCC Zoom meetings, including those requiring authentication.



If you have any comments or suggestions, please provide them in the Feedback section below.


If you have any questions or issues, you can contact Technical Support:


Telephone: 801-957-5555

Email: helpdesk@slcc.edu