Managing Passwords & Using Password Manager

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#1 Create Strong & Unique Passwords

Long passwords are hard to crack, so make your passwords at least 15 characters long.  These tips can help you create longer passwords that are easier to remember.  Try to use:

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#2 Keep Your Credentials Secret

Protect your passwords like the valuable assets they are. Your login credentials are often the only things that protect your money and data from cybercriminals.  Keeping your credentials safe means not writing them down, not sharing them, and not letting others watch when you enter them.



#3 Store Your Credentials Safely

You might ask yourself, “If I need a unique password for each account, and if I can’t write those down, how will I remember all of them?”  We’re glad you asked.


Tip: Don’t store your login credentials in a browser.  While it might seem convenient to let your browser save your login information, avoid this habit.  Not all browsers store usernames and passwords securely.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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