Personal Software/Hardware Purchases for Staff and Faculty

Faculty, Staff and Students have access to licenses for Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Suite applications that can be utilized on both work and home computers as well as some applications that function on mobile devices.


Select either of the following links for additional information.


Microsoft Office 365


Adobe Creative Suite



Dell computers offers exclusive computer purchases for employees of SLCC.


Dell Computers


The Salt Lake Community College Bookstore offers additional discounts and deals on hardware, software and general merchandise.  These are available to all part-time and full-time employees



Salt Lake Community College Bookstore (Follett)


At the Bookstore, you have access to a 10% discount on general merchandise as well as an awesome computer loan program (details can be found on the bookstore’s website)


SLCC Athletic Gear


The bookstore also has a website where you can purchase athletic gear.


For additional information, you can 801-957-4046



If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support at 801-957-5555 or via email at